Richard Ashcroft (Official site)

Vocals / Guitar

Original member of The Verve
Born September 11, 1971 in Wigan, England
Graduate from Winstanley College, Wigan
Married to Kate Radley-Ashcroft
Father to Sonny Ashcroft

Formerly a student, now has a musical career as a solo artist.
Richard has released two albums since The Verve splitted, Alone With Everybody (2000) and Human Conditions (2002). The new album Keys to the world (2005) will be released in January 23rd..

Richard Ashcroft in one minute:

- He met future Verve band members Pete Salisbury and Simon Jones while still at Junior School
- His mum was a hairdresser (and he's got a lovely head of hair)
- As a young man he was quite partial to the psychedelics
- The Oasis track "Cast No Shadow" is about him
- Married to ex-Spiritualised keyboard player Kate Radley, they have a kid called Sonny
- Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson sings backing vocals on "Nature Is The Law"

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